Volume 9 Issue 10, October 2008

From The Editors

Research Highlights


  • Review Article |

    The RSK proteins are downstream effectors of the Ras–MAPK signalling cascade. Significant advances in RSK and Ras–MAPK signal transduction expand the current models of RSK-mediated signalling and highlight important functions for RSK proteins in cell survival, growth, proliferation and migration.

    • Rana Anjum
    •  & John Blenis
  • Review Article |

    Gene regulatory networks control many cellular processes such as cell cycle, cell differentiation, metabolism and signal transduction. Computational methods, both for supporting the development of network models and for the analysis of their functionality, have already proved to be a valuable research tool.

    • Guy Karlebach
    •  & Ron Shamir
  • Review Article |

    Phagosome maturation is the process by which a particle-containing phagosome 'matures' through a series of increasingly acidic membrane-bound structures, becoming an acidic phagolysosome before fusing with lysosomes. The identification of a pathway for apoptotic cell-containing phagosomes reveals parallels and differences with receptor-mediated endocytosis.

    • Jason M. Kinchen
    •  & Kodi S. Ravichandran
  • Review Article |

    For more than a century, scientists have observed cells internalized inside other cells. These cell-in-cell structures often consist of viable rather than apoptotic cells, and can form by the invasion of one cell into another, rather than by engulfment. This review will address how cell-in-cell structures might form and what physiological roles they might have.

    • Michael Overholtzer
    •  & Joan S. Brugge