Volume 19 Issue 5, May 2018

Volume 19 Issue 5

'Green genomes' by Vicky Summersby, inspired by the Comment on p275.


Research Highlights


  • Review Article |

    Membrane lipids exhibit a remarkable diversity — they vary in structure and chemical properties, and their distribution between different membranes and their subcompartments is highly heterogeneous. Recent progress in studies of membrane lipids has broadened our understanding of how this diversity affects membrane properties and membrane-associated processes.

    • Takeshi Harayama
    •  & Howard Riezman
  • Review Article |

    Most eukaryotic cells contain a single centrosome with a pair of centrioles, which duplicate before mitosis. Defects in duplication lead to aberrant numbers of centrioles and centrosomes. Recent insights into mechanisms of centriole biogenesis and centriole number control are helping us to better understand the links between aberrant centrosome number and human disease.

    • Erich A. Nigg
    •  & Andrew J. Holland
  • Review Article |

    Clathrin-mediated endocytosis is the main mechanism for internalization of cell-surface molecules and surface-bound cargoes. Although the machineries that drive the formation of endocytic vesicle are intricate, an understanding of endocytosis is being unravelled at the molecular level.

    • Marko Kaksonen
    •  & Aurélien Roux
  • Review Article |

    Recent proteome-wide studies have uncovered hundreds of RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) that lack conventional RNA-binding domains. These RBPs instead use intrinsically disordered regions, protein–protein interaction interfaces and enzymatic cores to bind RNA. Interestingly, some RBPs are regulated by RNA rather than regulate RNA.

    • Matthias W. Hentze
    • , Alfredo Castello
    • , Thomas Schwarzl
    •  & Thomas Preiss