Volume 16 Issue 7, July 2015

Volume 16 Issue 7

'Swiss army knives' by Vicky Summersby, inspired by the Review on p417.

Research Highlights


  • Review Article |

    Recent studies in different species have increased our understanding of the factors and molecular mechanisms that underlie the specification of germ cells, which are the specialized cells that generate gametes. Moreover, studies are elucidating how these cells ensure that only germline-appropriate transcripts are translated to protect germ cell identity.

    • Susan Strome
    •  & Dustin Updike
  • Review Article |

    Recent studies have revealed that the RNase III enzymes Drosha and Dicer (including newly discovered Dicer isoforms) have non-canonical nuclear RNAi functions in various organisms. These include the regulation of transcription initiation and termination, and the processing of various RNA species.

    • Kaspar Burger
    •  & Monika Gullerova
  • Review Article |

    Recent studies have shown that nuclear export of mRNAs, which is a crucial step in the regulation of gene expression, can be selective in mammalian cells. Selective transport involves transcription-export complexes TREX and TREX-2 and controls biological processes such as DNA repair, haematopoiesis, proliferation and maintenance of pluripotency.

    • Vihandha O. Wickramasinghe
    •  & Ronald A. Laskey



  • Essay |

    William Earnshaw describes the events that led to the discovery and cloning of the first kinetochore proteins 30 years ago using autoimmune sera from patients with scleroderma-spectrum disease. He also discusses our current appreciation of the complexity of this remarkable structure.

    • William C. Earnshaw