Volume 16 Issue 6, June 2015

Volume 16 Issue 6

'Replication in space' by Vicky Summersby, inspired by the Review on p360.

Research Highlights


  • Review Article |

    Mitochondrial proteases can be classified into subgroups depending on their function and location. They are highly specific and modulate biochemical activities that are essential for mitochondrial function and integrity. Impaired or dysregulated function of mitoproteases is associated with ageing and longevity, as well as with pathological conditions and human hereditary diseases.

    • Pedro M. Quirós
    • , Thomas Langer
    •  & Carlos López-Otín
  • Review Article |

    During the G1–S phase transition of the cell cycle, a variable subset of previously 'licensed' origins of replication is activated to initiate DNA synthesis. Insight is being gained into the mechanisms underlying which origins are activated and when; these mechanisms are associated with nuclear organization, cell differentiation and replication stress.

    • Michalis Fragkos
    • , Olivier Ganier
    • , Philippe Coulombe
    •  & Marcel Méchali
  • Review Article |

    The mitochondrial respiratory chain comprises large multi-subunit protein complexes that generate ATP. The crystal structure of the entire bacterial complex I was recently solved, providing novel insights into its core architecture, as well as the electron transfer and proton translocation pathways and the coupling between them.

    • Leonid A. Sazanov