November 2020

Human pluripotent stem cells: derivation and applications

A guide to current methods to isolate and differentiate human pluripotent stem cells (PSCs), and to the applications of PSCs in regenerative medicine, drug discovery and the study of human development and disease.

July 2019

Cellular organization and biology of the respiratory system

A guide to the cell types that make the respiratory tract and its architecture, and to the lung cell culture models that can be used to study the pathophysiology of the respiratory system.

March 2017

Bone marrow niches and HSC fates


July 2015

Stem cell states: naive to primed pluripotency


October 2011

From teratomas to embryonic stem cells: discovering pluripotency


June 2011

The identity and properties of mesenchymal stem cells


April 2011

Autophagy: molecular mechanisms and disease outcomes


October 2010

Fluorescent proteins illuminate cell biology


May 2010

Ubiquitin signalling by ubiquitin-binding domains


March 2010

Cellular regulation by deubiquitinating enzymes


December 2009

The rise of p53


February 2009

Production and actions of small RNAs


September 2008

Pluripotent cell isolation for regenerative medicine


February 2008

Targeting lipid signalling in disease


December 2007

Readout of chromatin marks by histone–binding modules


December 2006

Molecular mechanisms of stem-cell identity and fate


July 2006

Reading protein and phospholipid modifications with interaction domains


August 2005

Ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like proteins


November 2004

Apoptosis pathways and drug targets


September 2002

Signalling from the membrane to the nucleus