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  • The sixtieth anniversary of the 'stem cell renewal theory' by Yves Clermont and Charles Philippe Leblond.

    • Benjamin D. Simons
    Journal Club
  • The first chaperonin was discovered in plants in 1980.

    • F. Ulrich Hartl
    • Manajit Hayer-Hartl
    Journal Club
  • The studies that implicated CIN and aneuploidy in ageing.

    • Kristin A. Knouse
    • Angelika Amon
    Journal Club
  • Experiments using SRC led to the discovery of focal adhesion kinase and the catenin p120ctn.

    • Margaret C. Frame
    Journal Club
  • Multipotent stem and progenitor cells are heterogeneous in lineage choice and timing of commitment to differentiation.

    • Timm Schroeder
    Journal Club
  • The timing of DNA replication might have a role in establishing cell identity during development.

    • Dieter Egli
    • Gloryn Chia Le Bin
    Journal Club
  • Simple experiments demonstrated that auxin transport, which is important to plant development, self-organizes.

    • Robert Sablowski
    Journal Club
  • The demonstration that senescence is caused by both telomere erosion and oncogene-induced accumulation of DNA damage at telomeres.

    • Jacqueline J. L. Jacobs
    Journal Club
  • Dying cells promote the proliferation of neighboring cells and thus promote tissue growth.

    • Valentina Greco
    Journal Club
  • The demonstration of yeast fermentation laid the foundations for cell-free assays.

    • Graham Warren
    Journal Club
  • Clues into how newly formed procentrioles emerge at a right angle from the mother centriole.

    • Renata Basto
    Journal Club
  • Conly Rieder and colleagues demonstrated in 1995 that one unattached chromosome is sufficient to prevent sister chromatid separation in mitosis.

    • Jonathon Pines
    Journal Club
  • Studies in the late nineteenth century showed that both the sperm and the egg contribute to the generation of new life.

    • Melina Schuh
    Journal Club
  • Two studies identify aldehyde metabolites as a potential endogenous source of ICLs.

    • Simon Bekker-Jensen
    • Niels Mailand
    Journal Club
  • Studies in mice have indicated that sirtuins do have a role in mediating the effects of CR.

    • Leonard Guarente
    Journal Club
  • Two studies that elucidated the interacting networks of the nuclear lamina.

    • Monika Zwerger
    • Ohad Medalia
    Journal Club