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  • DNA-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit (DNA-PKcs) is important for replication-fork reversal under replication stress, and its inhibition can abolish PARP-inhibitor resistance in cancer cells.

    • Eytan Zlotorynski
    Research Highlight
  • Kalkavan et al. show how drug-tolerant persister cells evade apoptosis by release of sublethal cytochrome c and activation of the integrated stress response.

    • Michael Attwaters
    Research Highlight
  • Leilei Chen describes the discovery that adenosine-to-inosine editing by ADAR1 marks endogenous double-stranded RNA as self, to prevent it from triggering innate immunity.

    • Leilei Chen
    Journal Club
  • Steinhorst et al. show how calcium signal induced by salt stress is ‘decoded’ by plant roots to provide systemic response and to increase salt tolerance.

    • Paulina Strzyz
    Research Highlight
The sea with lipid rafts

Lipids and membranes

This article series brings together Reviews that focus on key advances in understanding membrane biology as well as the regulation and functions of their lipid components, including their roles as bioactive molecules and their interplay with metabolism.


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