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Single-cell landscape

Single-cell multi-omics are revolutionizing molecular cell biology


  • Voices of the new generation

    Are you an early-career researcher/new principal investigator and are interested in sharing your experiences with others? NRMCB has opened a space to do just that! If you like the idea, please get in touch with us at with suggestions for potential content for this section.

  • Spanners with embryos

    Share your Tools of the Trade

    Are you an early-career researcher who is working with a cool tool or method? Would you like others to learn about it? Let us know! We are introducing Tools of the Trade articles to showcase the role of ECRs in driving technological advancements in molecular cell biology. Email us at the method/tool you'd like to write about and why it's important.

  • ECR initiative

    Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology is committed to facilitating training in peer review and to ensuring that everyone involved in our peer-review process is appropriately recognised. We have therefore joined an initiative to allow and encourage established referees to involve one early-career researcher in our peer-review process.

  • DNA–protein interactions

    Check out our new structure–function article series, in which we collate Reviews that present important structural findings and illuminate their mechanistic and functional significance.


  • In this Tools of the Trade article, Sarah Paramore (from the Devenport and Nelson labs) discusses the use of mouse strains carrying genomic alterations in PCP genes and how they can increase our understanding of mammalian planar cell polarity.

    • Sarah V. Paramore
    Tools of the Trade
  • The first study to show, in C. elegans, that sensory neurons have a role in lifespan regulation.

    • Patricija van Oosten-Hawle
    Journal Club
  • Antennapedia proteins were among the first proteins found to be exchanged intercellularly. This discovery by Alain Prochiantz and colleagues has inspired researchers of various backgrounds.

    • Jin Woo Kim
    Journal Club
  • Bulut-Karslıoğlu remembers the publication of two seminal papers that described bivalent chromatin and how this discovery continues to affect research to this day.

    • Aydan Bulut-Karslıoğlu
    Journal Club
The sea with lipid rafts

Lipids and membranes

This article series brings together Reviews that focus on key advances in understanding membrane biology as well as the regulation and functions of their lipid components, including their roles as bioactive molecules and their interplay with metabolism.


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