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Volume 23 Issue 8, August 2023

Maze to metastasis, inspired by the Perspective on p522.

Cover design: Simon Bradbrook

Research Highlights

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  • Galectins can modulate immune cells by binding to glycosylated proteins and lipids on the cell surface, or intracellularly via carbohydrate-dependent or carbohydrate-independent interactions. This Review explores the diverse ways in which galectins affect immunity and discusses the challenges in the field.

    • Fu-Tong Liu
    • Sean R. Stowell
    Review Article
  • In addition to their well-established role in haemostasis, platelets also have an active role in the immune response. Here the authors summarize the evidence linking platelet activation to immune dysregulation and organ damage in immune-mediated inflammatory diseases, and discuss the therapeutic potential of targeting platelets.

    • Marc Scherlinger
    • Christophe Richez
    • Patrick Blanco
    Review Article
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  • Koohy and co-workers discuss how we must turn to machine-learning approaches to define the antigen specificity of the many millions of possible T cell receptors. They review the models and methods currently being used to predict cognate antigens for orphan T cell receptors.

    • Dan Hudson
    • Ricardo A. Fernandes
    • Hashem Koohy
  • A disseminated tumour cell will grow only if it arrives at a ‘fertile’ distant site, which as Ana Luísa Correia posits is determined largely by the immune context at the site. Site-specific differences in local immune cell types, ratios and spatial locations influence whether a disseminated tumour cell establishes metastases or is kept dormant.

    • Ana Luísa Correia
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