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Volume 22 Issue 8, August 2022

COVER: Immune ageing, inspired by the Review on p484.

Cover design: Simon Bradbrook.

Research Highlights

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  • The term ‘type I interferonpathy’ was coined 10 years ago to describe rare genetic diseases that are caused by an aberrant upregulation of type I interferon signalling. Here, Crow and Stetson discuss our current understanding of the type I interferonpathies, 10 years on.

    • Yanick J. Crow
    • Daniel B. Stetson
    Review Article
  • Studying ageing at the single-cell level has provided insight into the changes that occur systemically and in tissues as we age. For example, we now have a greater appreciation of the heterogeneity and dynamic nature of immune cell ageing and of the impact of age-associated tissue remodelling on the immune system, together contributing to increased vulnerability to some diseases.

    • Denis A. Mogilenko
    • Irina Shchukina
    • Maxim N. Artyomov
    Review Article
  • Current strategies for HIV-1 cure have not been successful in eliminating the latent reservoir. This Review highlights potential therapeutic strategies that engage the immunology of dendritic cells and natural killer cells in efforts to achieve HIV-1 cure.

    • Nathan L. Board
    • Milica Moskovljevic
    • Janet D. Siliciano
    Review Article
  • Although B cells represent only a minor cell population in the central nervous system (CNS), they can contribute to CNS pathology — most notably in multiple sclerosis — through antibody and effector molecule secretion and antigen presentation. Here, Jain and Yong discuss the roles of B cells in the CNS and examine the potential for targeting these cells in various neurological conditions.

    • Rajiv W. Jain
    • V. Wee Yong


    Review Article
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