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Volume 22 Issue 4, April 2022

Atherosclerosis, inspired by the Review on p251.

Cover design: Simon Bradbrook.


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Research Highlights

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  • CD8+ T cells assume various dysfunctional states during tumorigenesis. Here, the authors describe mechanisms of T cell dysfunction in tumours, and what determines T cell responsiveness and resistance to immunotherapy.

    • Mary Philip
    • Andrea Schietinger
    Review Article
  • Activation of nucleic acid-sensing Toll-like receptors is finely tuned to limit self-reactivity while maintaining recognition of foreign microorganisms. The authors describe recent progress made in defining the regulatory mechanisms that facilitate this delicate balance.

    • Nicholas A. Lind
    • Victoria E. Rael
    • Gregory M. Barton
    Review Article
  • Here, Ed Lavelle and Ross Ward discuss the unique aspects of mucosal immunity that must be considered when developing effective mucosal vaccines. The authors highlight the key immune cell populations that are targeted by mucosal vaccination strategies and explain how innovative adjuvant and delivery approaches should lead to new vaccines for infectious diseases and cancers.

    • Ed C. Lavelle
    • Ross W. Ward
    Review Article
  • Atherosclerosis involves a maladaptive inflammatory response. This Review summarizes the contributions of key innate and adaptive immune cell subsets and describes diverse mechanisms that regulate their activation. It also discusses the feasibility of developing immune-targeted interventions, such as tolerogenic vaccines.

    • Payel Roy
    • Marco Orecchioni
    • Klaus Ley
    Review Article
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Amendments & Corrections

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