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Volume 22 Issue 3, March 2022

Phase separation, inspired by the Perspective on p188.

Cover design: Simon Bradbrook.


  • Mathematical models have been used to guide strategies for COVID-19 vaccine distribution. But with the emergence of new SARS-CoV-2 variants and waning immunity, how should vaccine distribution be prioritized?

    • Caroline E. Wagner
    • Chadi M. Saad-Roy
    • Bryan T. Grenfell




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Research Highlights

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  • The transcription factor TCF1 is essential for early T cell development, and recent advances have uncovered context-dependent functions in mature T cells. This review summarizes key findings on TCF1 across the field of T cell immunity and explores their translational potential.

    • Xudong Zhao
    • Qiang Shan
    • Hai-Hui Xue
    Review Article
  • Vignali and colleagues discuss the pleiotropic roles of interferon-γ (IFNγ) in the tumour microenvironment; on the one hand, it acts as a ‘teammate’ to promote antitumour immune responses and, on the other hand, it acts as an ‘opponent’ promoting tumour growth and suppressing immune responses.

    • Angela M. Gocher
    • Creg J. Workman
    • Dario A. A. Vignali
    Review Article
  • Neutrophils are much more than just primary responders in infection. They influence tumour development and growth in many positive and negative ways. A growing appreciation of their diversity and plasticity is revealing their complex contributions to cancer depending on time, place and disease context.

    • Catherine C. Hedrick
    • Ilaria Malanchi
    Review Article
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  • Phase separation has emerged as a new biophysical principle for organizing biomolecules into large clusters with fluidic properties. Here, Su and colleagues summarize what we currently know about phase separation in immune cells and look to the future of this field in understanding the regulation of immune signalling.

    • Qian Xiao
    • Ceara K. McAtee
    • Xiaolei Su
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Amendments & Corrections

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