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Volume 21 Issue 11, November 2021

COVER: SARS-CoV-2 ignites the inflammasome, inspired by the Progress on p694.

Cover design: Simon Bradbrook


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Research Highlights

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  • This Progress article brings us up to date on the role of inflammasomes in severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection and COVID-19, describing how they may be activated during infection and contribute to the overexuberant inflammatory response in severe disease, and the efforts being taken to target them therapeutically.

    • Setu M. Vora
    • Judy Lieberman
    • Hao Wu


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  • Fibroblasts are not just crucial structural cells; they exist as multiple functionally diverse populations, defined by their location and context, and regulate tissue immunity. Here, the authors review the immunological properties of fibroblasts, comprising both pro-inflammatory and immunosuppressive activities, in different tissues and disease states.

    • Sarah Davidson
    • Mark Coles
    • Christopher D. Buckley
    Review Article
  • This Review examines the metabolic adaptations that occur in CD8+ T cells in the settings of infection and cancer. The authors discuss the key metabolic features of activated, memory, tissue-resident and dysfunctional CD8+ T cell populations and also consider how overall host metabolism can affect the CD8+ T cell response.

    • Miguel Reina-Campos
    • Nicole E. Scharping
    • Ananda W. Goldrath
    Review Article
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Amendments & Corrections

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