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Volume 20 Issue 6, June 2020

Volume 20 Issue 6

‘Coronavirus Storm’, inspired by the Review on p363.

Cover design: Simon Bradbrook.


Research Highlights



  • Review Article |

    In the short time since SARS-CoV-2 infections emerged in humans, much has been learned about the immunological processes that underlie the clinical manifestation of COVID-19. Here, the authors provide an overview of the pathophysiology of SARS-CoV-2 infection and discuss potential therapeutic approaches.

    • Matthew Zirui Tay
    • Chek Meng Poh
    • Lisa F. P. Ng


  • Review Article |

    Here a group of leaders in the field define our current understanding of ‘trained immunity’, which refers to the memory-type responses that occur in the innate immune system. The authors discuss our current understanding of the key epigenetic and metabolic processes involved in trained immunity and consider its relevance in immune-mediated diseases and cancer.

    • Mihai G. Netea
    • Jorge Domínguez-Andrés
    • Eicke Latz



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