About the Editors

Chief Editor | Alexandra Flemming, PhD, Springer Nature, UK, ORCiD

Alexandra Flemming studied molecular biology at the Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg, Germany. After carrying out a 1-year diploma-thesis in infectious immunology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, she returned to Germany for her doctoral studies with Prof. Michael Reth, Max-Planck Institute for Immunology, Freiburg. Alexandra received awards for her thesis on the role of the B‑cell signalling protein SLP‑65 in the malignant transformation of B‑cells and carried on working on B‑cell signal transduction during her postdoctoral research as an EMBO fellow and Human Frontiers Science Programme fellow at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute. Alexandra started her career in publishing as an Associate Editor on Nature Reviews Drug Discovery in 2005. She joined Nature Reviews Immunology as Chief Editor in January 2017.

Alexandra is based in London, UK

Senior Editor | Lucy Bird, PhD, Springer Nature, UK, ORCiD

Lucy Bird's interest in immunology arose from her undergraduate degree in Cellular and Molecular Pathology at the University of Bristol. Following this, she obtained a D. Phil from Oxford University, where she worked with Andrew McMichael and Paul Bowness investigating the role of HLA-B27 in autoimmune disease. She joined Nature Reviews Immunology as copyeditor in February 2003 and soon became an established member of the editorial team, first as an Associate Editor, and then as the Chief Editor. Now, following the births of her two children, she works part time as a Senior Editor, allowing her to satisfy her appetite for editing and all aspects of immunology.

Lucy is based in London, UK

Senior Editor | Kirsty Minton, M.Sc., Springer Nature, UK, ORCiD

Kirsty Minton studied at Cambridge University, gaining a triple first in Natural Sciences, where she specialized in cellular immunology and pathology. Since leaving Cambridge, Kirsty has focused on science communication, and she joined Nature Reviews in 2002. She has been a Senior Editor for Nature Reviews Immunology since 2005.

Kirsty is based in London, UK

Senior Editor | Yvonne Bordon, PhD, Springer Nature, UK,ORCiD

Yvonne Bordon's fascination with the immune system developed during her undergraduate days at the University of Glasgow. After graduating with an honours degree in Immunology, she chose to remain in Glasgow and conducted her PhD studies with Professor Allan Mowat and Dr Rob Nibbs. During this time, the main focus of her research was exploring the role of chemokine receptors in intestinal immune responses. Yvonne joined the Nature Reviews Immunology editorial team in December 2009, where she continues to broaden her knowledge and understanding of all things immunological.

Yvonne is based in London, UK