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    NRI is 20! To celebrate this milestone, we present 20 Journal Club articles that pay tribute to some of the major immunological breakthroughs that have occurred since the journal was launched in October 2001. We also announce the launch of a new series of Perspective articles that consider the ‘past, present and future’ use of immunotherapies in different disease settings.

  • Neuroimmune Series

    The field of neuroimmunology has blossomed in recent years. This can be attributed to sophisticated technological advances as well as to the burgeoning collaboration of neuroscientists and immunologists. Articles in this Series reflect the fruits of these collaborative efforts and review our current understanding of the intricate crosstalk that takes place between the immune and nervous systems.

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    In this Collection, we bring you articles that highlight the latest research and insight into the immunology of SARS-CoV-2 and the associated disease COVID-19. They cover our emerging understanding of the immune response to this new coronavirus, prospects for vaccine development, immunopathology of COVID-19 and how it might be treated with immunomodulatory drugs.

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    • This Review considers how the biophysical properties of a tissue are able to shape immune cell function through the process of mechanotransduction. There are multiple mechanotransduction pathways that operate in immune cells and the authors highlight these and the emerging field of mechanoimmunology.

      • Huixun Du
      • Juliet M. Bartleson
      • Manish J. Butte
      Review Article
    • There are many reasons why the development of a potent and durable vaccine to HIV-1 is exceptionally challenging, including the large genetic diversity of the virus and its complex mechanisms of immune evasion. In this Review, Haynes et al. discuss strategies for the induction of potent broadly neutralizing antibodies for HIV-1 and the steps that may be necessary for ultimate success.

      • Barton F. Haynes
      • Kevin Wiehe
      • George M. Shaw
      Review Article
    • Here, the authors consider our emerging understanding of COVID-19-associated coagulopathy. They focus on the complex interactions between innate immune, coagulation and fibrinolytic pathways that can lead to potentially life-threatening thrombosis following SARS-CoV-2 infection.

      • Edward M. Conway
      • Nigel Mackman
      • James H. Morrissey
    • Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are increasingly recognized as having ubiquitous roles in the immune system. This Review focuses on the progress made in the field in the past 5 years, including the roles of EVs in innate and adaptive immunity and their potential use in diagnosis and therapy.

      • Edit I. Buzas
      Review Article
    • Lorenzo Galluzzi and colleagues discuss the molecular mechanisms through which mitochondrial dysfunction elicits inflammatory reactions, the cellular pathways that are in place to control them and how the dysregulation of these systems contributes to pathology.

      • Saverio Marchi
      • Emma Guilbaud
      • Lorenzo Galluzzi
      Review Article
  • Hybrid immunity occurs in those who have been both infected with and vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2. But how well does such hybrid immunity protect against the virus and its emerging variants?

    • Rahul Suryawanshi
    • Melanie Ott
  • In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, anti-vaccine activism in the USA accelerated, amplified and formed an alliance with political groups and even extremists. An organized, well-funded and empowered anti-science movement now threatens to spill over and threaten all childhood immunizations in the USA and globally.

    • Peter J. Hotez
  • Established models of behavioural science can help to explain the suboptimal COVID-19 vaccine uptake even in countries with a plentiful supply, showing that increasing vaccination is not just about increasing knowledge and motivation, but also about increasing the opportunity for vaccination.

    • Susan Michie
Neuroimmune connections


A Series of articles published in Nature Reviews Immunology focusing on connections between the immune system and nervous system.
  • Lucy Bird


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