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The conneXion between sex and immune responses

Immune responses to pathogens and self-antigens show sex-based differences. Anguera and colleagues explore the role of hormones and genetics in shaping immune responses.

  • Katherine S. Forsyth
  • Nikhil Jiwrajka
  • Montserrat C. Anguera
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    In this Collection, we bring you articles that highlight the latest research and insight into the immunology of SARS-CoV-2 and the associated disease COVID-19. They cover our emerging understanding of the immune response to this new coronavirus, prospects for vaccine development, immunopathology of COVID-19 and how it might be treated with immunomodulatory drugs.

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  • Age-associated defects in dendritic cells can be corrected by hyperactivating adjuvants containing an oxidized phospholipid to induce effective antitumour responses in mice.

    • Lucy Bird
    Research Highlight
  • Two papers in Nature Immunology provide a comprehensive atlas of human natural killer cells in health and in different types of cancer.

    • Alexandra Flemming
    Research Highlight
  • In this Comment article, organizers of the International School of Immunotherapy (Immunoschool) reflect on the experience gained from the past ten years in using online technologies for global and inclusive immunology education.

    • Nicolas Vabret
    • Jaime Mateus-Tique
    • Miriam Merad
  • A preprint by Ngo et al. reports a new mouse model for the constitutive depletion of pDCs, showing that pDCs are dispensable for antiviral immunity.

    • Ester Gea-Mallorquí
    • Sarah Rowland-Jones
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Neuroimmune connections


A Series of articles published in Nature Reviews Immunology focusing on connections between the immune system and nervous system.
  • Lucy Bird


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