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The race for a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2

A guide to the  immunological principles for the design of COVID-19 vaccine strategies and an overview of the main contenders

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  • Review Article |

    A transcription factor network triggered by Notch signalling in the thymus guides proliferating, multipotent progenitor cells into the T cell pathway. This Review describes how these factors work to establish regulatory target specificity, epigenomic impact and irreversibility for T cell identity.

    • Hiroyuki Hosokawa
    •  & Ellen V. Rothenberg
  • Review Article |

    Here, the authors explore how the modern way of life increases the risk of allergy and asthma, in particular by affecting the formation and diversity of the microbiota in early life. Understanding these changes highlights strategies for allergy prevention.

    • Harald Renz
    •  & Chrysanthi Skevaki
  • Review Article |

    Genetic models of dendritic cell (DC) development in mice have aided our understanding of the redundant and non-redundant functions of DC subsets and enabled translation of these findings to human DCs.

    • David A. Anderson III
    • , Charles-Antoine Dutertre
    • , Florent Ginhoux
    •  & Kenneth M. Murphy
  • Review Article |

    This Review outlines the guiding immunological principles for the design of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccine strategies and analyses the current COVID-19 vaccine landscape and the challenges ahead.

    • Mangalakumari Jeyanathan
    • , Sam Afkhami
    • , Fiona Smaill
    • , Matthew S. Miller
    • , Brian D. Lichty
    •  & Zhou Xing
  • Review Article |

    Lactate accumulates in cancerous and chronically inflamed tissues, where it has diverse and often opposing effects. Here, the authors review the activities of this metabolite in these distinct circumstances, identifying opportunities for therapeutic modulation of the metabolic signature in tumours and inflammatory diseases.

    • Michelangelo Certo
    • , Chin-Hsien Tsai
    • , Valentina Pucino
    • , Ping-Chih Ho
    •  & Claudio Mauro
  • Review Article |

    In this Review, the authors describe how dysregulated protein translation in cancer cells is an important source of tumour-specific peptides for immunosurveillance and how MHC class I antigen-processing and presentation pathways are manipulated by tumours for immunoevasion — information that will inform cancer immunotherapy approaches.

    • Devin Dersh
    • , Jaroslav Hollý
    •  & Jonathan W. Yewdell

News & Comment

  • Research Highlight |

    This Web Watch introduces the VaC tracker, a web resource that features an overview of the COVID-19 ‘vaccine landscape’, a clinical trials database and a ‘living review’ that distils the results of vaccine trials as they become available.

    • Edward P. K. Parker
    • , Madhumita Shrotri
    •  & Beate Kampmann
  • Research Highlight |

    A population of meningeal γδ T cells regulates anxiety-like behaviour and threat avoidance in mice through IL-17a production, which signals to neurons in the medial prefrontal cortex.

    • Kirsty Minton
  • Viewpoint |

    For this Viewpoint, Nature Reviews Immunology asked the presidents of 16 immunology societies from around the world to discuss how their society and its members responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their answers highlight the incredible contributions that immunologists around the globe have made following the emergence of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

    • Faith Osier
    • , Jenny P. Y. Ting
    • , John Fraser
    • , Bart N. Lambrecht
    • , Marta Romano
    • , Ricardo T. Gazzinelli
    • , Karina R. Bortoluci
    • , Dario S. Zamboni
    • , Arne N. Akbar
    • , Jennie Evans
    • , Doug E. Brown
    • , Kamala D. Patel
    • , Yuzhang Wu
    • , Ana B. Perez
    • , Oliver Pérez
    • , Thomas Kamradt
    • , Christine Falk
    • , Mira Barda-Saad
    • , Amiram Ariel
    • , Angela Santoni
    • , Francesco Annunziato
    • , Marco A. Cassatella
    • , Hiroshi Kiyono
    • , Valeriy Chereshnev
    • , Alioune Dieye
    • , Moustapha Mbow
    • , Babacar Mbengue
    • , Maguette D. S. Niang
    •  & Melinda Suchard
  • Comment |

    During the current COVID-19 pandemic, the concept of herd immunity has become a topic of much debate. This Comment examines the factors that determine it, discusses how far we have come and considers what it will take to reach herd immunity safely.

    • Arnaud Fontanet
    •  & Simon Cauchemez
  • Research Highlight |

    Two papers report the development of novel systemic agonists of stimulator of interferon genes (STING) and show that these boost antitumour immunity in mouse models of cancer

    • Sarah Crunkhorn



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