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Generating tissue macrophages from induced pluripotent stem cells

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  • Review Article |

    This Review considers the unique anatomy of the cutaneous immune system. The authors explain how both protective and pathological immune responses are shaped in the skin, its associated appendages (such as hair follicles and sweat glands) and skin-associated lymphoid tissues.

    • Kenji Kabashima
    • , Tetsuya Honda
    • , Florent Ginhoux
    •  & Gyohei Egawa
  • Review Article |

    Self-antigen recognition in the thymus can result in both clonal deletion of developing thymocytes and their diversion into the regulatory T cell lineage. How do thymocyte-intrinsic and thymocyte-extrinsic determinants influence this cell fate choice?

    • Ludger Klein
    • , Ellen A. Robey
    •  & Chyi-Song Hsieh
  • Analysis |

    In this Analysis, the authors discuss different strategies for the post-treatment control of HIV infection. They use mathematical modelling to predict the impact of different interventions and to estimate the therapeutic efficacy required to achieve a functional cure.

    • Miles P. Davenport
    • , David S. Khoury
    • , Deborah Cromer
    • , Sharon R. Lewin
    • , Anthony D. Kelleher
    •  & Stephen J. Kent
  • Review Article |

    The authors review the latest research revealing conserved antiviral activity of virus-derived small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) in fungi, plants, invertebrates and mammals.

    • Zhongxin Guo
    • , Yang Li
    •  & Shou-Wei Ding
  • Review Article |

    A-DAM good Review discussing the role of ADAM protein-mediated cleavage of a wide range of substrates in the development and regulation of the immune system, with a focus on ADAM10 and ADAM17.

    • Bart N. Lambrecht
    • , Matthias Vanderkerken
    •  & Hamida Hammad

News & Comment

  • Research Highlight |

    Eukaryotic translation initiation complex eIF4F is identified as an upstream regulator of PD-L1 expression and is therefore a promising target for immunotherapy.

    • Katie Kingwell
  • Research Highlight |

    CD4+ T cell cytokines in the intestinal crypts balance intestinal stem cell renewal and differentiation.

    • Lucy Bird
  • Research Highlight |

    Using spiky microparticles, the authors show that physical cues, such as topological features on the surface of a pathogen, can trigger an immune response by exerting mechanical stress on immune cells.

    • Kirsty Minton
  • Research Highlight |

    Transcriptomics used to map variation in innate immune responses across species.

    • Yvonne Bordon
  • Research Highlight |

    Two studies describe distinct mechanisms of resistance to anti-CD19 chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy in relapsed leukaemia patients

    • Ulrike Harjes


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