Volume 2 Issue 4, April 2005


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  • Review Article |

    The diagnosis of Budd–Chiari syndrome (BCS) is made difficult by its wide spectrum of presentations and the varying severity of liver damage seen in these patients. In addition, prognosis defined by the traditional BCS classification—as fulminant, acute or chronic—makes assessing therapeutic benefit more difficult. This Review highlights advances in the classification, prognosis and therapy of BCS.

    • Marco Senzolo
    • , Evangelos C Cholongitas
    • , David Patch
    •  & Andrew K Burroughs
  • Review Article |

    Approximately 20-million episodes of travelers' diarrhea occur on an annual basis. Preventive measures and self-treatment are commonly used to combat the incapacitation that is associated with travelers' diarrhea and the possible development of chronic enteric complications. This Review focuses on current and future antibacterial drugs for the prevention and therapy of travelers' diarrhea, including the minimally absorbed antimicrobial drug rifaximin.

    • Herbert L DuPont