Volume 17

  • No. 12 December 2020

    The December issue includes Reviews on liver transplant tolerance, sex in IBD, and surgery for malignant liver tumours, plus a Perspective on colorectal cancer prevention and diagnosis.

  • No. 11 November 2020

    The November issue includes Reviews on gut–brain–microbiome microbiome interactions in obesity and food addition and the links between Parkinson disease and the gut, a Consensus Statement on synbiotics and a Perspective on optimizing biologic therapy in IBD.

  • No. 10 October 2020

    The October issue includes Reviews on intestinal epithelial glycosylation in health and disease and HBV genome diversity, as well as a Perspective on gut microbiome, big data and machine learning in cancer.

  • No. 9 September 2020

    The September issue includes a Review on cell death in the gut epithelium, a Viewpoint on the elimination goals for viral hepatitis and a Consensus Statement detailing the horizon in cholangiocarcinoma.

  • No. 8 August 2020

    The August issue includes Reviews on single-cell technologies in hepatology, the global burden of IBS, and the pancreatic cancer stroma, with a Perspective on recommendations for IBD endoscopy during COVID-19.

  • No. 7 15 July 2020

    The July issue includes Reviews on polyploidy in the liver, diets for IBS, and the management of rectal cancer, with a Perspective on robotics in gastrointestinal surgery.

  • No. 6 June 2020

    The June issue includes Reviews on JAK–STAT signalling in IBD, early-onset colorectal cancer, and the enteric nervous system, with a Perspective on head-to-head trials in IBD.

  • No. 5 May 2020

    The May issue includes Reviews on Toll-like receptors in the gut, enhancing radiosensitivity in gastrointestinal cancer, and the gut microbiota in NAFLD, and Comments on social media in medicine and management of IBD during the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • No. 4 April 2020

    The April issue includes Reviews on organoid models in gastrointestinal cancer, big ‘omics’ data and AI in hepatocellular carcinoma, and gut microbiota-derived metabolites in IBD.

  • No. 3 March 2020

    The March issue includes Reviews on regulation of intestinal lipid metabolism, tumour evolution in hepatocellular carcinoma and KRAS in pancreatic cancer. Also included is a Perspective on antidepressants in IBD.

  • No. 2 February 2020

    Reviews on adaptive immunity in NAFLD, primary biliary cholangitis and epigenetics of colorectal cancer, and Year-in-Review expert round ups of key advances in gastroenterology and hepatology.

  • No. 1 January 2020

    Reviews on genetics of NAFLD, host immunity in IBD and functional constipation, a Perspective on the gut microbiota in pancreatic health and disease, and commentaries on therapeutic goals in ulcerative colitis, mucosal serotonin and alcohol-induced steatosis.