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  • The discovery ofHelicobacter pylori redirected our understanding of certain gastroduodenal diseases. Many of these diseases (such as ulcer disease and mucosal associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma) have become curable, and others (gastric cancer) might be preventable with the application of H. pylori eradication therapy. This Timeline gives an overview of the success of clinical research on H. pylorito date and highlights some future trends in this area.

    • Peter Malfertheiner
    • Alexander Link
    • Michael Selgrad
  • Liver transplantation has progressed from an experimental procedure to routine operation since the first human liver transplantation in 1963. This Timeline article revisits the important milestones in the development of liver transplantation, discussing how the procedure has evolved over time and what challenges are still to overcome.

    • Ali Zarrinpar
    • Ronald W. Busuttil