April 2022

Leveraging sequencing technologies for cardiovascular research and precision medicine
In this webcast, Victoria Parikh (Stanford University) and Muredach Reilly (Columbia University Department of Medicine) will discuss how clinical genome sequencing is paving the way for precision cardiovascular medicine and how omics studies can reveal vital mechanistic links between the underlying genetic architecture and overall clinical outcomes.

June 2021

Human genome sequencing - Looking towards the future
Hilary Martin (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute), Kai Wang (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) and Karen Miga (University of California, Santa Cruz) discuss where the field of human genome sequencing is going, sharing their perspectives on the development of new technologies and bioinformatics tools and their impact on the mapping of genetic variation in tens of thousands of individuals for genetic insights into population histories and diseases.

May 2021

Leveraging global genomics to enhance precision medicine in under-represented populations
In this webcast, Charles Rotimi (US National Human Genome Research Institute) and Alicia Martin (Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Broad Institute) discuss how global genomics initiatives are paving the way for a more complete understanding of disease genetics in traditionally under-represented populations and widening access to personalized medicine.

December 2020

Variant to function: Understanding disease mechanisms through integration of genetic data with epigenomic profiling
Anna Gloyn (Stanford University) and Manolis Kellis (MIT, Harvard University) discuss the challenge of obtaining a mechanistic understanding of the biology underlying GWAS associations, and how to inform prevention strategies, drug development and other public health goals by integrating genetic data with epigenomic information.