About the Editors

Chief Editor: Linda Koch ORCID

Linda obtained her Dr. rer. nat. in Genetics from the University of Cologne, Germany, in the lab of Jens Brüning, where she used conditional gene targeting in mice to research the mechanisms of central and peripheral insulin resistance. She continued her research at the Institute for Genetics as a postdoctoral fellow to investigate a knockout mouse model of the obesity gene FTO. She joined Nature Reviews Endocrinology in August 2009, first as Associate Editor, then as Senior Editor and as Acting Chief Editor. Linda became Chief Editor of Nature Reviews Genetics in 2014. Twitter: @LinkoNRG

Senior Editor: Dorothy Clyde ORCID

Dorothy obtained her PhD from the University of Edinburgh, where she investigated sex-specific gene expression in Drosophila under the guidance of Prof. Mary Bownes. Dot began her post-doctoral career with Prof. Stephen Small at New York University, where she studied pattern formation in the early Drosophila embryo. On her return to the UK, she continued her studies on Drosophila embryonic development, this time focusing on the molecular and cellular events involved in the process of dorsal closure. Dorothy joined Nature Protocols in January 2006 and moved to Nature Reviews Genetics in January 2017.

Senior Editor: Kirsty Minton ORCID

Kirsty studied at Cambridge University, gaining a triple first in Natural Sciences, where she specialized in cellular immunology and pathology. Since leaving Cambridge, Kirsty has focused on science communication, and she joined the Nature Reviews journals in 2002. She has been a Senior Editor for Nature Reviews Immunology since 2005, joining Nature Reviews Genetics on a part-time basis in July 2022.

The editors of Nature Reviews Genetics are based in London, UK.