Nature Reviews Genetics Calendar 2017

Only rarely do scientific fields experience the meteoric rise to fame and global interest of CRISPR–Cas. Originally identified as an immunity system for bacteria and archaea to defend against foreign DNA, the realization that this system can be engineered for recruitment to almost any genomic site in diverse species has opened up an exciting range of potential applications in basic research, biotechnology and therapeutics. Nature Reviews GeneticsNature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology and Nature Reviews Microbiology are delighted to bring you a CRISPR-themed calendar for 2017 that showcases insightful and high-impact artwork from recent Review articles, covering the underlying biology and applications of CRISPR. At the end of the calendar we have included a brief legend for each figure, along with the details of the original papers and an events list of some of the key scientific meetings and courses that will take place in 2017. We hope you enjoy using the calendar, which is freely available online, thanks to support from OriGene, Your Gene Company. As always, Nature Research retains sole responsibility for all editorial content.

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