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Munir Pirmohamed reviews the pharmacogenomics field using examples of clinically relevant drug–gene associations, as well as the steps needed for implementing pharmacogenomics into clinical practice.

  • Munir Pirmohamed
Review Article


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    This Nature Milestone provides a perspective of major genomic sequencing-related developments in the 21st century — from the first human reference genome, through methodological breakthroughs, to the impact of sequencing on fields as diverse as microbiology, cancer and palaeogenetics.

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    This Nature Milestone celebrates two decades of breakthroughs in basic, translational and clinical research, which have revolutionized our understanding and management of cancer.

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  • Mustafa Mir reflects on a 1976 paper by McKnight and Miller, in which they developed a technique to directly visualize gene regulatory dynamics.

    • Mustafa Mir
    Journal Club
  • Logsdon et al. report the second complete sequence of all centromeres from a single human genome, enabling comparative analyses of the variation in tandemly repeating α-satellite DNA.

    • Kirsty Minton
    Research Highlight
  • In this Comment, Lamkin and Gymrek discuss recent results that suggest that the systematic incorporation of tandem repeats into complex trait analyses will yield a rich source of causal variants and new biological insights.

    • Michael Lamkin
    • Melissa Gymrek
  • In this Tools of the Trade article, Samuel Gould explains how prime editing sensors can improve experimental efficiency and can be designed using a computational tool he created and named PEGG.

    • Samuel I. Gould
    Tools of the Trade

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