The magic and meaning of Mendel’s miracle

  • Kim Nasmyth


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    The past two decades have witnessed extraordinary technological and computational advances in nucleic acid sequencing. This Milestone timeline provides a perspective of major genomic sequencing-related developments in the 21st century.

  • Immune cells attacking cancer cells

    The immune system is constantly on the lookout for threats but can fail to spot cancer. Now, advanced sequencing technologies are enabling scientists to investigate the unique genetics of both cancers and immune responses in individual patients. This means researchers can develop treatments that boost the immune system and help the body win its battle against cancer.

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  • In this Comment, the authors highlight caveats about using African ethnicities as population categories in genomics research and emphasize the need for an Africa-oriented humanities research agenda to inform genomics research.

    • Henri-Michel Yéré
    • Mavis Machirori
    • Jantina De Vries
  • In this Editorial, we reflect on the field’s responsibility around the potential uses and abuses of genetics and genomics research.

  • Gegenhuber et al. now show that, in mice, a neonatal surge in oestradiol activates oestrogen receptor-α to drive a sustained male-typical gene expression programme that determines brain sexual differentiation.

    • Katharine H. Wrighton
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