White outlines of three pregnant people against a blue background containing various endocrine organs, with an outline of the brain in the foreground.

Metabolic and feeding adjustments during pregnancy

This Review discusses the physiological and neurological mechanisms that drive altered eating behaviours in pregnancy, including food cravings, food aversions and changes in sensory perception.


  • An insulin molecule in purple, on a black background

    To mark the centenary of insulin's discovery, Nature Milestones presents a timeline of the past 100 years of diabetes research.

  • A human body with key endocrine structures highlighted.

    The Key Advances in Endocrinology collection offers a unique series of specially commissioned ‘Year in Review’ articles that highlight the key discoveries made each year. In these articles, leading experts describe their key advances of the year, outlining their clinical impact and implications for research.


Cartoon islets

Islet biology

The endocrine pancreas is composed of clusters of cells, or islets, which secrete endocrine factors important for systemic metabolism, including insulin and glucagon.