Sanli et al., Bladder cancer

Bladder cancer

Bladder cancer generally originates from the epithelium (urothelium) that covers the inner surface of the bladder. Urothelial carcinomas represent the most common subtype.

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    Sickle cell disease includes genetic conditions that are caused by mutations in one of the genes encoding haemoglobin. Mutant haemoglobin molecules can polymerize, causing the red blood cells to acquire a characteristic crescent shape that gives the disease its name.

    • Gregory J. Kato
    • , Frédéric B. Piel
    • , Clarice D. Reid
    • , Marilyn H. Gaston
    • , Kwaku Ohene-Frempong
    • , Lakshmanan Krishnamurti
    • , Wally R. Smith
    • , Julie A. Panepinto
    • , David J. Weatherall
    • , Fernando F. Costa
    •  & Elliott P. Vichinsky
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    Bipolar disorders are characterized by acute episodes of mania or hypomania and depression. Psychosis can occur in some patients, and cognitive symptoms, including deficits in executive function and memory, are frequent. In this Primer, Vieta et al. discuss the epidemiology, mechanisms, diagnosis and management of bipolar disorders.

    • Eduard Vieta
    • , Michael Berk
    • , Thomas G. Schulze
    • , André F. Carvalho
    • , Trisha Suppes
    • , Joseph R. Calabrese
    • , Keming Gao
    • , Kamilla W. Miskowiak
    •  & Iria Grande
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    Cluster headache is characterized by unilateral headaches associated with ipsilateral autonomic features, such as lacrimation and rhinorrhoea. This Primer by May et al. discusses the pathophysiology, diagnosis and management of cluster headache in addition to the quality-of-life issues faced by patients.

    • Arne May
    • , Todd J. Schwedt
    • , Delphine Magis
    • , Patricia Pozo-Rosich
    • , Stefan Evers
    •  & Shuu-Jiun Wang
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    Vascular cognitive impairment (VCI) refers to any degree of cognitive impairment (from mild cognitive impairment to dementia) that is associated with vascular pathology. This Primer by van der Flier et al. describes the epidemiology, mechanisms, diagnosis and management of VCI.

    • Wiesje M. van der Flier
    • , Ingmar Skoog
    • , Julie A. Schneider
    • , Leonardo Pantoni
    • , Vincent Mok
    • , Christopher L. H. Chen
    •  & Philip Scheltens
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    Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic, inflammatory, autoimmune disease that primarily affects the joints. This Primer by Smolen et al. provides the latest insights into the epidemiology, genetics, pathophysiology, diagnostic approaches, clinical assessment and management of rheumatoid arthritis.

    • Josef S. Smolen
    • , Daniel Aletaha
    • , Anne Barton
    • , Gerd R. Burmester
    • , Paul Emery
    • , Gary S. Firestein
    • , Arthur Kavanaugh
    • , Iain B. McInnes
    • , Daniel H. Solomon
    • , Vibeke Strand
    •  & Kazuhiko Yamamoto
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    Burkholderia pseudomallei is a bacterium with a high biothreat potential: it can cause an infectious disease — melioidosis — that presents with sepsis, pneumonia or both in the majority of patients, with mortality as high as 50% and for which no vaccine is available.

    • W. Joost Wiersinga
    • , Harjeet S. Virk
    • , Alfredo G. Torres
    • , Bart J. Currie
    • , Sharon J. Peacock
    • , David A. B. Dance
    •  & Direk Limmathurotsakul

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The obesity epidemic: molecular and clinical considerations

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The obesity epidemic: molecular and clinical considerations

To mark World Obesity Day on 11 October 2017, the editors of Nature Reviews curated a collection of articles that describe the latest efforts to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the condition against a complex backdrop of factors, as well as advances in treatment.

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