You can meet the editors of Nature Reviews Drug Discovery (Peter Kirkpatrick, Sarah Crunkhorn, Megan Cully, Katie Kingwell and Teresa Villanueva) and of Nature Biotechnology (Lisa Melton) at some of the following meetings.

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16–20, Breckenridge, Colorado, USA
Keystone Symposium: T Cell Dysfunction, Cancer and Infection
Megan Cully attending

28–31, Miami, Florida USA
51st Miami Winter Symposium.Stem Cells – Today’s Research Tomorrow’s Therapies
Sarah Crunkhorn attending

28–1 February, Banff, Alberta, Canada
Keystone Symposium: Emerging Technologies in Vaccine Discovery and Development
Katie Kingwell attending

28–1 February, Banff, Alberta, Canada
Keystone Symposium: Progress and Pathways Toward an Effective HIV Vaccine


3–7 San Diego, California, USA
SLAS 2018
Peter Kirkpatrick attending

7–9 New York City, New York, USA
Immuno-Oncology 360
Teresa Villanueva attending

11–15, Keystone, Colorado, USA
Keystone Symposium: Emerging Cellular Therapies: T Cells and Beyond

18–22, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Keystone Symposium: Regulation and Dysregulation of Innate Immunity in Disease

25–1 March, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Keystone Symposium: Antibodies as Drugs: Translating Molecules into Treatments

MARCH 2018

4–8, Banff, Alberta, Canada
Keystone Symposium: Manipulation of the Gut Microbiota for Metabolic Health

4–8 Banff, Alberta, Canada
Keystone Symposium: Microbiome, Host Resistance and Diseases

12–14 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
BIO-Europe Spring
Lisa Melton attending

18–23, Ventura, California, USA
Gordon Research Conference: Biology of Acute Respiratory Infection

23–27, Montreal, Québec, Canada
Keystone Symposium: Cancer Immunotherapy: Combinations

24–28, Dublin, Ireland
Keystone Symposium: The Resolution of Inflammation in Health and Disease

25–30, Lucca (Barga), Italy
Gordon Research Conference: Antibody Biology & Engineering

APRIL 2018

14–14, Chicago, Illinois, USA
AACR Annual Meeting 2018
Teresa Villanueva attending

MAY 2018

29–30, Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts,USA
Sabri Ülker Center Symposium
Sarah Crunkhorn attending

JUNE 2018

4–8, Boston, Massachusets, USA
2018 BIO International Convention
Peter Kirkpatrick and Lisa Melton attending

23–28, Crete, Greece
11th International Conference on Complement Therapeutics

27–29, Brussels, Belgium
SALS Europe 2018
Peter Kirkpatrick attending


12–17, West Dover, Vermont,USA
Gordon Research Conference: Multidisciplinary and Multimodal Approaches to Drug Delivery: Translation from Principles to Patients


25–29, Boston, Massachusets, USA
Discovery on Target
Sarah Crunkhorn attending