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  • Following the landmark approval of imatinib 20 years ago, over 70 kinase inhibitors are now transforming the clinical care of multiple malignancies and a handful of other disorders.

    • Philip Cohen
    • Darren Cross
    • Pasi A. Jänne
  • Therapies targeting RAS, a small GTPase that is frequently altered in cancer, are explored in this poster.

    • Amanda R. Moore
    • Scott C. Rosenberg
    • Shiva Malek
  • The complement pathway plays key roles in host defence, but its excessive activation or dysregulation can lead to a variety of disorders. This poster overviews strategies to therapeutically intervene in the pathway and the new generation of complement inhibitors that are now in the clinic.

    • Daniel Ricklin
    • Dimitrios C. Mastellos
    • John D. Lambris