The PROTACtable genome

Find out about a systematic approach to assessing the potential to modulate protein targets using a PROTAC in this Perspective in the October issue            

  • Melanie Schneider
  • Chris J. Radoux
  • Andrew R. Leach


    • The design of cell-based therapeutics with synthetic biology is a rapidly growing strategy in medicine for the development of effective treatments for a variety of diseases. This article discusses advances in synthetic biology approaches to programme living cells with therapeutic functions as well as challenges for their development.

      • Andres Cubillos-Ruiz
      • Tingxi Guo
      • Jose M. Lora
      Review Article
    • Integrins are key signalling molecules that are present on the surface of subsets of cells and are therefore good potential therapeutic targets. In this Review, Hatley and colleagues discuss the development of integrin inhibitors, particularly the challenges in developing inhibitors for integrins that contain an αv-subunit, and suggest how these challenges could be addressed.

      • R. J. Slack
      • S. J. F. Macdonald
      • R. J. D. Hatley
      Review Article
    • This Review discusses recent findings in transient receptor potential (TRP) channel structural biology and the impact of these findings in drug development and clinical indications. It also addresses the challenges of modulating TRP channels and the need for targeted approaches to minimize potential side-effects due to the multifunctional roles of TRP channels.

      • Ari-Pekka Koivisto
      • Maria G. Belvisi
      • Arpad Szallasi
      Review Article
    • The COVID-19 pandemic has established mRNA vaccines as a rapid, effective and safe approach for the protection of individuals from infectious disease. Here, Whitehead and colleagues review the principles of mRNA vaccine design, synthesis and delivery, assessing recent progress and key issues in the development of mRNA vaccines for a range of infectious diseases.

      • Namit Chaudhary
      • Drew Weissman
      • Kathryn A. Whitehead
      Review Article
    • Recent advances in understanding of the complex phenotype and mechanisms underlying atopic dermatitis (AD) have revealed multiple new potential targets for pharmacological intervention. Here, Bieber reviews therapeutic strategies and assesses the expanding pipeline for the therapy of AD, highlighting the potential for a precision medicine approach to the management of this complex disorder.

      • Thomas Bieber
      Review Article

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