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Drugging the efferocytosis process: concepts and opportunities

Read about how progress in defining the molecular machinery involved in efferocytosis has opened many avenues for therapeutic intervention in this Review in the August issue    

  • Parul Mehrotra
  • Kodi S. Ravichandran
Review Article


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    As RNA medicines continue to change the face of clinical practice, this conference explores progress in our understanding of the roles of RNAs in immune signaling, chronic disease associated with dysregulated inflammation and efforts to translate basic knowledge into mRNA vaccines and oligonucleotide treatment

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    Following the landmark approval of imatinib two decades ago, over 70 kinase inhibitors are transforming the treatment of cancer and other disorders. This poster highlights key advances in this period, including the increased molecular and structural understanding of kinases and strategies to combat resistance to kinase inhibitors in cancer therapy.


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