PK/PD for targeted degraders

Delivering on the promise of protein degraders

Read about the potential for delivery strategies to expand the scope of accessible targets for targeted protein degraders as a therapeutic modality in this article in the May issue          

  • Matthew N. O’Brien Laramy
  • Suman Luthra
  • Derek W. Bartlett



    • Many diseases involve reduced or absent levels of a particular protein and would benefit from therapies that increase gene expression. In their Review, Khorkova et al. discuss the growing range of RNA-targeted therapies in development that aim to boost gene expression, including nucleic acid-based therapeutics targeting the complex regulatory network of non-coding RNA species.

      • Olga Khorkova
      • Jack Stahl
      • Claes Wahlestedt
      Review Article
    • The COVID-19 pandemic spurred a wave of rapid and collaborative drug discovery efforts. This Perspective article summarizes scientific drivers and considerations behind such antiviral small-molecule discovery programmes and proposes strategies to accelerate future efforts.

      • Annette von Delft
      • Matthew D. Hall
      • Alpha A. Lee
    • There have been significant recent advances in the development of single-cell technologies, providing remarkable opportunities for drug discovery and development. Here, Ferran and colleagues discuss how single-cell technologies, primarily single-cell RNA sequencing methods, are being applied in the drug discovery pipeline, from target identification to clinical decision-making. Ongoing challenges and potential future directions are discussed.

      • Bram Van de Sande
      • Joon Sang Lee
      • Edgardo Ferran
      Review Article
    • Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many potential therapeutics that target SARS-CoV-2 and/or human proteins to control viral infection have been investigated, with a few receiving authorization by regulatory agencies. This Review article summarizes progress with COVID-19 drug discovery, and discusses the lessons learned about aspects such as drug repurposing, disease models and clinical development strategies.

      • Guangdi Li
      • Rolf Hilgenfeld
      • Erik De Clercq
      Review Article
    • Drugs that target angiogenic factors such as vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) are approved for clinical use in oncology and ophthalmology, but challenges remain. Cao et al. discuss strategies to enhance therapeutic efficacy, overcome drug resistance, define biomarkers and develop next-generation agents for other diseases.

      • Yihai Cao
      • Robert Langer
      • Napoleone Ferrara
      Review Article

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