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Including articles on the key anticancer drug targets RAS and p53, the quest to slow ageing through drug discovery and RIPK1 as a therapeutic target in multiple diseases. 

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  • Perspective |

    Dendritic cell vaccines have been widely investigated as a type of cancer immunotherapy, but their promise has not yet been realized. Kandalaft and colleagues propose that a prime and boost approach — primed with either standard therapies or dendritic cell vaccines and boosted with a personalized synthetic vaccine — could help fulfil the potential of such vaccines. They discuss improvements in dendritic cell vaccines that have enabled prime–boost approaches, as well as challenges for adoption.

    • Alexandre Harari
    • , Michele Graciotti
    • , Michal Bassani-Sternberg
    •  & Lana E. Kandalaft
  • Review Article |

    Radiopharmaceutical therapy is emerging as a safe and effective approach for the treatment of cancer, offering several advantages over existing therapeutic strategies. Here, Sgouros and colleagues provide an overview of the fundamental properties of radiopharmaceutical therapy, discuss agents in use and in clinical development and highlight the associated translational challenges.

    • George Sgouros
    • , Lisa Bodei
    • , Michael R. McDevitt
    •  & Jessie R. Nedrow
  • Review Article |

    Accumulating evidence indicates that impaired glucose metabolism in the brain is involved in the cause and progression of neurodegenerative disorders of ageing such as Alzheimer disease. This Review discusses the status and prospects of therapeutic strategies for countering neurodegenerative disorders of ageing by rescuing, protecting or normalizing brain energetics.

    • Stephen C. Cunnane
    • , Eugenia Trushina
    • , Cecilie Morland
    • , Alessandro Prigione
    • , Gemma Casadesus
    • , Zane B. Andrews
    • , M. Flint Beal
    • , Linda H. Bergersen
    • , Roberta D. Brinton
    • , Suzanne de la Monte
    • , Anne Eckert
    • , Jenni Harvey
    • , Ross Jeggo
    • , Jack H. Jhamandas
    • , Oliver Kann
    • , Clothide Mannoury la Cour
    • , William F. Martin
    • , Gilles Mithieux
    • , Paula I. Moreira
    • , Michael P. Murphy
    • , Klaus-Armin Nave
    • , Tal Nuriel
    • , Stéphane H. R. Oliet
    • , Frédéric Saudou
    • , Mark P. Mattson
    • , Russell H. Swerdlow
    •  & Mark J. Millan
  • Review Article |

    Receptor-interacting serine/threonine-protein kinase 1 (RIPK1) — a key mediator of cell death and inflammation — is activated in human diseases. Here, Yuan and colleagues discuss current understanding of RIPK1 biology and its association with diseases including inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and sepsis. The clinical development of small-molecule RIPK1 inhibitors and associated challenges are discussed.

    • Lauren Mifflin
    • , Dimitry Ofengeim
    •  & Junying Yuan
  • Review Article |

    RAS proteins, which are frequently altered in cancer, were once considered undruggable, but compounds targeting some mutant RAS proteins have recently demonstrated clinical efficacy. In this Review, Malek and colleagues explore how these and other drugs that target RAS or associated pathways might be used effectively, particularly in combinations, and discuss other RAS-targeted therapies in the pipeline.

    • Amanda R. Moore
    • , Scott C. Rosenberg
    • , Frank McCormick
    •  & Shiva Malek

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