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Including articles on structure-based drug design for G protein-coupled receptors, drug repurposing, non-invasive delivery of biologic drugs and the boom in biotech IPOs in 2018

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  • Review Article |

    The rapid progress in cancer immuno therapy has highlighted the need for new delivery technologies. In this article, Langer, Mitchell and colleagues discuss how recent developments in drug delivery could enable new cancer immunotherapies and improve on existing ones, and examine the current delivery obstacles.

    • Rachel S. Riley
    • , Carl H. June
    • , Robert Langer
    •  & Michael J. Mitchell
  • Review Article |

    The transcription factor NRF2 and its repressor KEAP1 have been implicated in the development and progression of chronic diseases. Here, Dinkova-Kostova and colleagues provide an overview of the physiological and pathological roles of NRF2, present emerging pharmacological modulators of the NRF2–KEAP1 axis and highlight associated drug development challenges.

    • Antonio Cuadrado
    • , Ana I. Rojo
    • , Geoffrey Wells
    • , John D. Hayes
    • , Sharon P. Cousin
    • , William L. Rumsey
    • , Otis C. Attucks
    • , Stephen Franklin
    • , Anna-Liisa Levonen
    • , Thomas W. Kensler
    •  & Albena T. Dinkova-Kostova
  • Review Article |

    The conjugation of therapeutic agents to polymer carriers, such as polyethylene glycol (PEG), can control drug delivery, enhance solubilization, increase efficacy and improve pharmacokinetics. Here, Grinstaff, Colson and Ekladious discuss recent advances in the preclinical and clinical development of different classes of polymer–drug conjugates and highlight current challenges and future directions.

    • Iriny Ekladious
    • , Yolonda L. Colson
    •  & Mark W. Grinstaff
  • Review Article |

    Although the molecular basis for sickle cell disease (SCD) has been known for decades, progress in developing therapies that ameliorate the complex systemic manifestations of SCD has been slow. This article reviews recent advances that are providing the basis for therapies that could improve outcomes by targeting different aspects of SCD pathophysiology and highlights the opportunity for combination strategies. The potential for curative gene therapy is also discussed.

    • Marilyn J. Telen
    • , Punam Malik
    •  & Gregory M. Vercellotti
  • Review Article |

    The requirement for delivery by injection is currently a limitation for the use of biologic drugs such as antibodies. In this Review, Mitragotri and colleagues discuss advances made in non-invasive drug delivery for biologics, including the transdermal, oral and inhalation routes, highlighting which routes are the most promising and the additional challenges to bringing these systems to the clinic.

    • Aaron C. Anselmo
    • , Yatin Gokarn
    •  & Samir Mitragotri

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