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  • Review Article |

    Broad population screening of asymptomatic individuals for cancers of the prostate or thyroid has resulted in overdiagnosis and overtreatment. Herein, the authors describe the epidemiology, pathology, and screening guidelines for the management of patients with those cancers, and discuss existing international active surveillance protocols.

    • Lisa M. Lowenstein
    • , Spyridon P. Basourakos
    • , Michelle D. Williams
    • , Patricia Troncoso
    • , Justin R. Gregg
    • , Timothy C. Thompson
    •  & Jeri Kim
  • Perspective |

    Many clinical trials are testing the safety and/or efficacy of combining radiotherapy with immunotherapy, nearly all using a single-site irradiation (or ‘abscopal’) approach, but emerging evidence suggests that this approach likely produces suboptimal results. The authors of this Perspective provide a biological rationale supporting the abandonment of the abscopal approach, and instead advocate exploring comprehensive irradiation of multiple/all lesions.

    • Eric D. Brooks
    •  & Joe Y. Chang
  • Review Article |

    FGFR alterations can be detected in a small subset of many different cancer types. Inspired by the successes with other targeted therapies, preliminary attempts to target FGFR-altered cancers have been hampered by low response rates and acquired resistance. In this Review, the author describes the development of FGFR inhibitors thus far, and provides guidance on future research priorities.

    • Masaru Katoh
  • Review Article |

    A deterioration of disease can occur upon treatment with anti-PD-1/PD-L1 monoclonal antibodies; this paradoxical phenomenon is defined as hyperprogression. The authors discuss the pathophysiological hypotheses that might explain hyperprogressive disease and the resulting challenges for patient management, with a focus in clinical decisions involving immune-checkpoint inhibitors.

    • Stéphane Champiat
    • , Roberto Ferrara
    • , Christophe Massard
    • , Benjamin Besse
    • , Aurélien Marabelle
    • , Jean-Charles Soria
    •  & Charles Ferté
  • Review Article |

    Inhibition of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) is the paradigmatic example of synthetic lethal therapy and is predicated on exploiting DNA repair deficiencies that are a hallmark of cancer. In this Review, the authors review the progress made to date with PARP inhibitors and describe the expanding landscape of novel anticancer therapies targeting the DNA damage response. Potential predictive biomarkers, mechanisms of resistance and combinatorial strategies are discussed.

    • Patrick G. Pilié
    • , Chad Tang
    • , Gordon B. Mills
    •  & Timothy A. Yap
  • Review Article |

    Successful surgical resection offers patients with pancreatic cancer the best chance of survival. However, many patients do not have surgically resectable disease. In this Review, the authors describe recent improvements in pancreatic cancer surgery, which have increased survival and also enabled more patients to undergo surgery.

    • Oliver Strobel
    • , John Neoptolemos
    • , Dirk Jäger
    •  & Markus W. Büchler

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