March 2018

The history of warfarin

This animation illustrates the history and development of warfarin, and its evolution from rat poison to widespread clinical anticoagulant drug. Produced with support from Portola Pharmaceuticals as part of a Milestone on anticoagulants.

This animation was awarded Silver in the Education category at The Telly Awards 2019 and was nominated in the Science Explained categtory at the Medical Journalists' Association Awards 2019.

March 2018

Drug targets in the coagulation cascade

This animation illustrates the clotting factors involved in thrombus formation, and how these factors can be pharmacologically targeted using heparin, warfarin, and direct thrombin and factor Xa inhibitors for clinical anticoagulation. Produced with support from Portola Pharmaceuticals as part of a Milestone on anticoagulants.

January 2016

The evolution of oral anticoagulants

Blood clots can form where they are not needed, and cause serious medical problems. This animation explores progress in the development of oral anticoagulants that target components of the blood coagulation cascade to inhibit blood clotting in high-risk patients, as well as recent advances with antidotes to reverse the effects of oral anticoagulants when necessary. Produced with support from Boehringer Ingelheim.

This animation was Highly Commended in the Science Explained category at the Medical Journalists' Association Awards 2016.