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  • More than 50% of patients with chronic heart failure present with iron deficiency, which is associated with reduced quality of life and worse prognosis. Intravenous iron supplementation therapy has been shown to improve clinical outcomes in these patients.

    • Pedro Moliner
    • Josep Comin-Colet
    Clinical Outlook
  • The totality of evidence from large-scale, randomized, controlled clinical trials and mechanistic studies in the laboratory has provided six crucial lessons about the emerging role of SGLT2 inhibitors to prevent the onset of heart failure in patients at high risk and slow the progression of heart failure in patients with established disease.

    • Milton Packer
    Clinical Outlook
  • Wearable devices are widely used and have a high level of societal acceptance, opening unimagined and unexploited possibilities in cardiovascular medicine. In this Clinical Outlook, we highlight the disruptive potential of wearables for cardiovascular disease prevention, diagnosis and management, and suggest strategies for quickly and safely translating these lifestyle products into medical devices.

    • Sinje Gehr
    • Christoph Russmann
    Clinical Outlook
  • Paradigm-shifting studies have revealed that the heart contains heterogeneous and dynamic immune and stromal cell populations that are crucial determinants of health and disease. Advances in molecular imaging now make it possible to non-invasively visualize the cardiac cellular landscape in humans, providing a means to guide precision therapies.

    • Kory J. Lavine
    • Yongjian Liu
    Clinical Outlook
  • Reflecting on the first genetically engineered pig-to-human heart transplantation in this Clinical Outlook article, we discuss the likely future of cardiac xenotransplantation. Initial clinical trials are expected to explore compassionate use as destination therapy in carefully selected adult patients and as a bridge to heart allotransplantation in infant patients with complex congenital heart disease.

    • David K. C. Cooper
    • Richard N. Pierson III
    Clinical Outlook
  • Meta-analyses and cardiovascular outcome trials are laying the foundation for seasonal influenza vaccines to be a mainstay in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, rivalling established measures such as statin therapy. In this Clinical Outlook, we highlight current and future approaches for the use of influenza vaccination to reduce the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and heart failure.

    • Bahar Behrouzi
    • Jacob A. Udell
    Clinical Outlook
  • Human genetic studies combined with biotechnological advances have guided and accelerated the development of PCSK9-targeting therapies. In this Clinical Outlook, we highlight present and future approaches for PCSK9 inhibition to reduce LDL-cholesterol levels and the risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

    • Mahmoud Al Rifai
    • Christie M. Ballantyne
    Clinical Outlook