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    This ongoing Series of articles highlights the importance of a more diverse, equitable and inclusive cardiovascular workforce in improving the quality of patient care and scientific research.

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    This Collection of articles from across the Nature Reviews portfolio explores the transformative role of artificial intelligence in health care, from drug discovery and development, through to applications in the risk stratification, diagnosis, imaging, monitoring, prognostication, and pharmacological and surgical treatment of patients.

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    This ongoing Series of articles from Nature Reviews Cardiology covers all aspects of cardiometabolism, including the role of metabolism in cardiovascular physiology, metabolic remodelling in cardiovascular and cardiometabolic diseases, and novel and potential preventative and therapeutic strategies targeting metabolic pathways.


  • Preliminary experience with the use of transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) to treat non-calcific aortic regurgitation has raised concerns about the short-term effectiveness of TAVI in this setting. A deeper understanding of the interaction between transcatheter heart valves and anatomy in patients with non-calcific aortic valve disease, coupled with the introduction of dedicated TAVI devices, is providing new opportunities in the management of this condition.

    • Marco Barbanti
    • Giulia Laterra
    • Francesco Maisano
    Clinical Outlook
  • The advent of pulsed-field ablation — a series of ultra-rapid, high-energy pulses that result in non-thermal cell death via electroporation — is revolutionizing the field of atrial fibrillation ablation. Data on first iterations of the technology indicate that safety and efficacy are at least similar to that of thermal ablation but with meaningfully shorter procedure duration.

    • Leonid Maizels
    • Jonathan M. Kalman
    Clinical Outlook
  • In this Tools of the Trade article, Jablonska describes the use of proximity-based labelling for the proteomic profiling of novel protein–protein interactions.

    • Zuzanna Jablonska
    Tools of the Trade
  • Findings from a new study published in Science Immunology suggest that epigenetic changes in haematopoietic stem cells promote the production of pro-inflammatory macrophages and influence their capacity to generate protective macrophage subsets.

    • Karina Huynh
    Research Highlight
  • Data from the phase IIb MUIR and ARCHES-2 trials show that RNA interference approaches that target either apolipoprotein C-III or ANGPTL3 significantly reduce plasma triglyceride levels in patients with mixed hyperlipidaemia.

    • Gregory B. Lim
    Research Highlight


Anticoagulant drugs are used to prevent and treat thrombotic disorders in millions of patients worldwide. This Milestone plots the history of anticoagulant drugs, starting with the discovery and clinical trials of heparin and warfarin.


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