Scissors cutting DNA strands

New CRISPR tools

Use in cardiovascular research and medicine



  • Bullying is common in cardiology and can have substantial adverse effects. However, bullying can be addressed by substantive leadership, organizational and individual efforts to build an inclusive and respectful culture.

    • Pamela S. Douglas
  • Childbearing cardiologists face a number of challenges before, during and after pregnancy, including radiation concerns, infertility, pregnancy-related complications, and inadequate parental leave and return-to-work structures. Institutions can promote an equitable work environment by creating policies to mitigate these challenges.

    • Inbar Raber
    • Amy A. Sarma
  • The AIM2 inflammasome is activated by host and pathogen DNA. Work from the past 5 years indicates that the AIM2 inflammasome has an important role in advanced atherosclerosis driven by clonal haematopoiesis and possibly in atherosclerosis accelerated by acute infection. Therefore, the AIM2 inflammasome might be an important target for precision medicine.

    • Oliver Soehnlein
    • Alan R. Tall
  • Overexpression of a circular RNA derived from the gene encoding the insulin receptor (Circ-INSR) prevents the development of cardiac dysfunction that occurs in response to anti-cancer therapy with doxorubicin.

    • Gregory B. Lim
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Anticoagulant drugs are used to prevent and treat thrombotic disorders in millions of patients worldwide. This Milestone plots the history of anticoagulant drugs, starting with the discovery and clinical trials of heparin and warfarin.


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