• A diverse group of people

    This ongoing Series of articles highlights the importance of a more diverse, equitable and inclusive cardiovascular workforce in improving the quality of patient care and scientific research.

  • A human body showing various organs, on a background of biometric, biological and mathematical patterns

    This Collection of articles from across the Nature Reviews portfolio explores the transformative role of artificial intelligence in health care, from drug discovery and development, through to applications in the risk stratification, diagnosis, imaging, monitoring, prognostication, and pharmacological and surgical treatment of patients.

  • Computer circuit board representing metabolic pathways

    This ongoing Series of articles from Nature Reviews Cardiology covers all aspects of cardiometabolism, including the role of metabolism in cardiovascular physiology, metabolic remodelling in cardiovascular and cardiometabolic diseases, and novel and potential preventative and therapeutic strategies targeting metabolic pathways.



Anticoagulant drugs are used to prevent and treat thrombotic disorders in millions of patients worldwide. This Milestone plots the history of anticoagulant drugs, starting with the discovery and clinical trials of heparin and warfarin.


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