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Exercise benefits in cardiovascular disease

Beyond attenuation of traditional risk factors

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  • Nat Rev Cardiol | Review Article |

    Stent thrombosis is a rare but severe complication of coronary intervention and has a complex underlying pathophysiology. In this Review, Gori and colleagues describe the risk factors for stent thrombosis and discuss how a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying this complication can inform its prevention and treatment.

    • Tommaso Gori
    • , Alberto Polimeni
    • , Ciro Indolfi
    • , Lorenz Räber
    • , Tom Adriaenssens
    •  & Thomas Münzel
  • Nat Rev Cardiol | Review Article |

    Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in China. In this Review, Zhao and colleagues summarize eight important features of the evolving epidemiology of CVD in China and discuss how this information can help to develop effective and timely strategies to prevent and treat CVD.

    • Dong Zhao
    • , Jing Liu
    • , Miao Wang
    • , Xingguang Zhang
    •  & Mengge Zhou
  • Nat Rev Cardiol | Review Article |

    This Review discusses the latest findings and current theories on the pathogenesis of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) and highlights potential medical therapies for AAA, summarizing previous, ongoing, and potential clinical trials of medical interventions for small AAAs. This expanding volume of research is expected to result in a range of novel medical therapies for AAA within the next decade.

    • Jonathan Golledge
  • Nat Rev Cardiol | Review Article |

    This Review provides an update of the latest developments in our understanding of platelet functions and populations in normal physiology and in haemorrhagic, thrombotic, and inflammatory conditions. These advancements can aid in tailoring new strategies to target platelets in disease states while avoiding the increased risk of bleeding associated with current antiplatelet therapies.

    • Paola E. J. van der Meijden
    •  & Johan W. M. Heemskerk
  • Nat Rev Cardiol | Review Article |

    Three cardiovascular outcome trials have now demonstrated the clinical benefit of achieving lower plasma LDL-cholesterol levels with the addition of PCSK9 inhibitors to statin therapy. In this Review, Marc Sabatine discusses the safety and efficacy data from these trials and their possible implications, such as the definition of new plasma LDL-cholesterol targets.

    • Marc S. Sabatine
  • Nat Rev Cardiol | Review Article |

    This Review describes the effects of short sleep duration on cardiovascular health and diseases, and the authors discuss the main pathophysiological mechanisms involved, taking into account both experimental data and clinical evidence.

    • Eleonora Tobaldini
    • , Elisa M. Fiorelli
    • , Monica Solbiati
    • , Giorgio Costantino
    • , Lino Nobili
    •  & Nicola Montano

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Prevention of cardiovascular disease

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Prevention of cardiovascular disease

This Series features articles on the latest advances in the field of primary prevention, from lifestyle modification approaches to pharmacological and clinical interventions, to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular events.

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