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Focus issue | Cardiac development and regeneration

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  • Review Article |

    Over the past 20 years, new insights into cardiovascular immunopathology have shifted the therapeutic focus from lipids to inflammation. In this Review, Duivenvoorden and colleagues discuss recent discoveries in the immunopathology of atherosclerosis, advances in bioengineering techniques, and how these advances have guided the development of innovative nanoimmunotherapeutic strategies to modulate immune responses in cardiovascular disease.

    • Raphaël Duivenvoorden
    • , Max L. Senders
    • , Mandy M. T. van Leent
    • , Carlos Pérez-Medina
    • , Matthias Nahrendorf
    • , Zahi A. Fayad
    •  & Willem J. M. Mulder
  • Review Article |

    Research on cardiac repair and regeneration is shifting from a stem cell focus towards the dynamic interplay of stromal and immune cells of the cardiac interstitium. This Review provides new insights into the immunoregulatory functions of cardiac interstitial cells and their complex network of interactions, highlighting the therapeutic potential for cardiac disease.

    • Elvira Forte
    • , Milena Bastos Furtado
    •  & Nadia Rosenthal
  • Review Article |

    Mitochondrial dysfunction has a major role in the pathogenesis of multiple cardiovascular disorders. In this Review, Galluzzi and colleagues discuss the therapeutic potential of mitochondria-targeting agents in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, examine the obstacles that have limited their development thus far, and identify strategies for the development of these promising therapeutic tools.

    • Massimo Bonora
    • , Mariusz R. Wieckowski
    • , David A. Sinclair
    • , Guido Kroemer
    • , Paolo Pinton
    •  & Lorenzo Galluzzi
  • Review Article |

    The benefits of regular exercise extend beyond its effect on cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors. In this Review, the authors outline the non-traditional mechanisms underlying the benefits of exercise in CVD and highlight the importance of a holistic view of exercise in cardiovascular health.

    • Carmen Fiuza-Luces
    • , Alejandro Santos-Lozano
    • , Michael Joyner
    • , Pedro Carrera-Bastos
    • , Oscar Picazo
    • , José L. Zugaza
    • , Mikel Izquierdo
    • , Luis M. Ruilope
    •  & Alejandro Lucia
  • Review Article |

    This Review summarizes the current understanding on the roles of the Hippo–YAP pathway in cardiac development, growth, homeostasis, disease, and regeneration, with a particular focus on the roles of the Hippo–YAP pathway in endogenous cardiac muscle renewal, including the pivotal role of this pathway in regulating cardiomyocyte proliferation, differentiation, stress response, and mechanical signalling.

    • Jun Wang
    • , Shijie Liu
    • , Todd Heallen
    •  & James F. Martin
  • Review Article |

    Inflammageing is a chronic, pro-inflammatory state that develops with age and is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, comorbidities, frailty, and death. In this Review, Ferrucci and Fabbri discuss whether therapies to modulate inflammageing can reduce the age-related decline in health.

    • Luigi Ferrucci
    •  & Elisa Fabbri

News & Comment

  • News & Views |

    A wealth of data that culminated in a large clinical trial established that IL-1β blockade has beneficial effects in atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. A new study in gene-targeted mice challenges this view by showing atheroprotective effects of IL-1β.

    • Göran K. Hansson
  • Comment |

    Pacemaker therapy is inaccessible to most patients with bradycardia in Africa. Use of reconditioned pacemakers has been proposed as a safe, efficacious, and ethical means of delivering this therapy. A collaboration between PASCAR, Pace4Life, and Project My Heart Your Heart is working to address this deficit in health care in Africa.

    • Kevin Wunderly
    • , Zaheer Yousef
    • , Aimé Bonny
    • , Kevin J. Weatherwax
    • , Balasundaram Lavan
    • , Craig Allmendinger
    • , Brad Wasserman
    • , George Samson
    • , Sheldon Davis
    • , George Nel
    • , James Russell
    • , Constantine Akwanalo
    • , Mahmoud U. Sani
    • , Ashely Chin
    • , Olujimi A. Ajijola
    • , Bongani M. Mayosi
    • , Kim A. Eagle
    •  & Thomas C. Crawford


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