Animation: Decoding cancer immunology: Hunting hidden tumours (November 2019)

The immune system is constantly on the lookout for threats, but cancer isn’t always easy to spot. Some cancer cells can fly under the radar. Now, advanced sequencing technologies are enabling scientists to investigate the unique genetics of both cancers and immune responses in individual patients. This means researchers can develop treatments that boost the immune system and help the body win its battle against cancer.

This video from Nature Reviews Genetics and Nature Reviews Cancer is freely available online thanks to support from Illumina, Inc. This Nature Video is editorially independent. It is produced with third party financial support. Read more about Supported Content here.


Animation: Tumour immunology and immunotherapy (September 2015)

This animation from Nature Reviews Cancer and Nature Reviews Immunology illustrates how tumour cells are sensed and destroyed by cells of the immune system and how tumours can evolve to evade immune-mediated elimination. Scientists are developing new immunotherapies that help the immune system to 'fight back' — the animation explains how these exciting new drugs work.

Produced with support of a grant from Bristol-Myers Squibb.