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  • In this Viewpoint article, we asked four experts to provide their opinions on important aspects of brain metastasis biology, focusing on the unique microenvironment and therapeutic targets in the brain, preclinical models and how studying brain metastases could inform primary brain tumour biology.

    • Adrienne Boire
    • Priscilla K. Brastianos
    • Manuel Valiente
  • In this Viewpoint article, we asked four female scientists to describe their experiences of gender representation during their scientific careers and to identify the challenges and possible solutions to empowering women in cancer research and science more generally.

    • Christina A. Mitchell
    • Martine F. Roussel
    • Ashani T. Weeraratna
  • In this Viewpoint, we have asked recipients of the Nature Awards for Mentoring in Science about their views on good mentoring, and how mentorship can help to achieve a positive research culture and contribute to scientific discovery in cancer research.

    • Martin Clynes
    • Anita Corbett
    • Julie Overbaugh
  • In this Viewpoint article, we asked four scientists working on the cancer microbiome to provide their opinions on the current state of the field, where the research is heading and the challenges of implementing this field for clinical utility.

    • Eran Elinav
    • Wendy S. Garrett
    • Jennifer Wargo