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Nature Reviews Cancer is now publishing Journal Clubs. Read our editorial to learn why.


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    October 2021 marked the 20th anniversary of Nature Reviews Cancer. This Collection includes cutting-edge articles, including our anniversary issue contents, and thought-provoking commentaries and viewpoints. We also delve into our archives as a reminder of where the journal started and all that has been achieved in cancer research since the journal’s launch.

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    Nature Reviews Cancer is committed to facilitating training in peer review and to ensuring that everyone involved in our peer-review process is recognised. We have therefore joined an initiative to allow and encourage established referees to involve one early-career researcher in our peer-review process.

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    These Milestones celebrate two decades of breakthroughs in basic, translational and clinical research which have revolutionized our understanding and management of cancer.

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    The Nature Reviews journals present this regularly updated Collection on women's health, with articles featuring in-depth content on the biology & health conditions that affect people with female-specific organs and hormonal cycles.


  • In this Journal Club, Robert L. Copeland and Yasmine Kanaan discuss a paper that reports how ERβ and IGF2 signalling may contribute to the heterogeneity of triple-negative breast cancer observed in patients with different ancestries in the USA.

    • Robert L. Copeland
    • Yasmine Kanaan
    Journal Club
  • Two recent studies have found that both the adaptive immune system and inflammation can drive the selection of cells carrying mutations that facilitate tumour initiation.

    • Sarah Seton-Rogers
    Research Highlight
  • In an effort to bring to our pages some of the vibrant discussion of cancer research that happens during in-person or online journal club meetings, we are now publishing Journal Clubs — an article type in which researchers discuss research papers of their choice with the intention of alerting our readers to articles that have a special significance to them and the field.

  • This issue marks the 20th anniversary of Nature Reviews Cancer. On this milestone birthday we both look back on the past 20 years of cancer research and look forward to the future.

  • In this Journal Club, Brian Rivers highlights a study aimed at enhancing the participation of African American patients in cancer clinical trials.

    • Brian M. Rivers
    Journal Club
  • Using zebrafish and human pluripotent stem cell-derived models of melanoma, Baggiolini, Callahan et al. demonstrate that cells expressing progenitor-like programmes and specific chromatin-modifying enzymes are more readily transformed by BRAFV600E.

    • Sarah Seton-Rogers
    Research Highlight
Diet and systemic metabolism

Diet and systemic metabolism

This series of articles explores how changes in diet and systemic metabolism can influence tumour development and progression, how this is affected by the presence of metabolic disease and how we can use this knowledge to improve anticancer therapy.

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