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Volume 14 Issue 8, August 2019

Mosaic of a single Euglena gracilis cell

Mosaic of a single Euglena gracilis cell composed of numerous E. gracilis cell images acquired by the intelligent image–activated cell sorting machine.

[Correction: This text was previously published with an incorrect title, and the first line of text on the thumbnail of the cover was also incorrect; both have now been amended.]

See Isozaki et al.

Image: Takuro Ito and Keisuke Goda. Cover Design: Erin Dewalt.

Protocol Extensions

  • This Protocol Extension describes procedures used to identify cell-type-specific transcriptomes in mice without sorting cells. The approach combines cell-specific RNA labeling and chemical modifications to introduce T>C conversions in the labeled RNA.

    • Wayo Matsushima
    • Veronika A. Herzog
    • Eric A. Miska
    Protocol Extension


  • Selective ribosome profiling (SeRP) reveals nascent chain length–resolved binding profiles of a co-translationally acting factor and relies on selective enrichment of factor-engaged monosomes. This protocol describes how to perform the procedure in yeast.

    • Carla V. Galmozzi
    • Dorina Merker
    • Günter Kramer
    Protocol Extension
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