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Volume 11 Issue 1, January 2016

Individual mitochondria in a mouse cortical nephron visualized with correlated confocal and STORM superresolution microscopy. The deconvolved confocal image shows a parvalbumin-positive distal convoluted tubule (cyan), the mitochondrial outer membrane receptor Tom20 (red), and F-actin labeled with phalloidin (green). The single-molecule superresolution localization points (magenta dots) representing Tom20 immunolabeling on the mitochondria are superimposed using the VividSTORM software. Taken from the Protocol by Barna et al. doi: 10.1038/nprot.2016.002. Cover design by Jamel Wooten.

Protocol Update

  • This is an update to the SIFT protocol published in 2009, which uses SIFT 4G to provide SIFT scores from the genomes of more than 200 organisms.

    • Robert Vaser
    • Swarnaseetha Adusumalli
    • Pauline C Ng
    Protocol Update


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