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Volume 11 Issue 10, October 2016

Human iPSC-derived skeletal myofibers. Myogenic cultures were differentiated in serum-free conditions and passaged. Fiber sarcomeric striations are shown by titin staining (green), and myonuclei by myogenin staining (red). Nuclei are counterstained with Hoechst (blue). Scale bar, 100 μm. Image from the protocol by Chal et al. doi:10.1038/nprot.2016.110. Cover design by Jamel Wooten.


  • Tissue engineering encompasses various scientific disciplines with the aim of revolutionizing our outlook on the future of research and medicine. In this Perspective, Robert Langer and Ali Khademhosseini discuss the advancing field of tissue engineering, featuring high-impact technologies over the past decade and their own future perspectives on the field.

    • Ali Khademhosseini
    • Robert Langer


  • This Perspective from Jay Shendure's lab reviews the past decade's development of multiplexed assays for variant effects, and also comments on the potential of these experiments for the functional interpretation of genetic variation.

    • Molly Gasperini
    • Lea Starita
    • Jay Shendure
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